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  Fandom of the Month: The Musketeers

Fandom of the Month (January 2016)
The Musketeers

[Image: Musk.png]
Graphic by Caldera32

Set on the streets of 17th century Paris, series gives a contemporary take on the classic story about a group of highly trained soldiers and bodyguards assigned to protect King and country.

A thrilling world of action, adventure and romance inspired by Dumas' legendary characters.

BBC - UK home network
BBC America - US broadcaster
Showcase - Canadian broadcaster
BBC New Zealand- New Zealand broadcaster
BBC Australia - Australian broadcaster

Series 1 trailer:

Our members say:

Heatherlly Wrote:What I love best about The Musketeers is the camaraderie. For such legendary characters, they really did choose the perfect cast, creating a dynamic that is as realistic as it is touching. From brooding Athos to Aramis's hopeless romanticism, Porthos's devil may care attitude and d'Artagnan's charming naïveté, it's impossible not to fall in love with this bunch. The supporting characters are a perfect complement, too, creating rich, action filled yet emotionally moving storylines that draw me back again and again.

I adore this show! I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys well produced, extremely well acted action/adventure stories. I'm very glad I gave it a chance.

JJuna Wrote:I knew before I watched the first episode that this would be my kind of show, as I've always loved the swashbuckling genre, but The Musketeers makes it even better. It takes the classic action/adventure format and makes it resonate with a modern audience. The series remains true to the spirit of the novel, but gives it a fresh and original twist. The storylines are powerful, with depth and emotion, and the actors are perfect for their roles. The show has great characters: proper (if flawed) heroes, strong women, and implacable villains. There is romance, forbidden love, and tragedy. I love the banter and bromance between the Musketeers, and there is plenty of humour to complement the drama. It also has one of the best theme tunes ever, and the music is stirring. The costumes, sets, and scenery are all gorgeous.

Did I mention the leather? Our four heroes are all hot and swoon worthy. In short, The Musketeers has everything, and is a dream. Biggrin

semperfortis Wrote:I first heard about The Musketeers when a fellow THoCian brought it to my attention. Admittedly, my initial interest was all to do with Santiago Cabrera (I'm a bit of a an admirer *ahem*), but as the first series approached, I found myself getting more and more excited about it. Biggrin Who doesn't like a swashbuckling adventure full of talented playing characters to perfection, and writers who know exactly how to tug our heartstrings?

This was my first experience of all things Musketeers, so the cast will always remain my ideals of Dumas' characters. Everyone has done a fantastic job, but the heart of the show for me, is the relationship between the Musketeers themselves. Tom, Howard, Santiago, and Luke have portrayed the brotherhood superbly, and I'll miss that the most once the third and final series is done.

There's adventure, romance, drama, suspense, humour, action, some spine chilling villians, fantastic chemistry between the couples....basically, a little bit of everything in The Musketeers. Sometimes you'll laugh, sometimes you'll cry, other times you'll want to hit the characters round the head, or hug them tight. But you'll enjoy it every time. So, if you haven't already, give The Musketeers a chance, and come and share your feelings with us obsessed fans over here. Smile

You can talk about the show right here, or feel free to check out our Musketeers section for news, episode discussions, and character threads. You can find even more goodies in our fanfiction index. Enjoy! Cheers

Posted by: Legendary - 01-01-2016 01:16 AM - Replies (5)

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